Extractions/Oral Surgery

Extraction may be the only option in some cases

If an extraction is completely necessary, Dr. Thomas at White Mountain Smiles will provide a safe and comfortable experience. Replacement options can be discussed also…we offer them all!


Despite our best efforts to save a tooth, sometimes extraction is the only alternative. If this is necessary, we at White Mountain Smiles are committed to providing you the most comfortable, pain-free procedure possible.

Factors leading to extraction include:

• Extensive trauma
• Substantial tooth decay
• Gum Disease
• Badly cracked or broken teeth

No one likes the idea of loosing a tooth, however there are options we can provide to fill the empty space or replace the tooth, such as:

• Dental bridges, which are false teeth fused between two crowns
• Single tooth dental implants
• Implant retained dentures, which look and feel like normal teeth
• Classic or Premium Portrait Dentures

The idea of having a tooth extracted is scary for many patients. Don’t worry though, with our gentle care and comfortable anesthesia methods, you have nothing to fear. If you have any questions or concerns regarding extractions or to learn more about restorative dental options, please contact White Mountain Smiles today at (928) 532-7669.